"Tell me when and I’ll come down there!" - Grandpa on the phone after hearing that I’ll be staying in NYC. 
*Mom saying good things about me to her friends while accidentally calling me.*

"A love letter to the history of American music." 

Sam can’t shoot between a promise and a habit. 

Ooooh. Aaaaah. 

You won’t let em in. 

It was an affliction he shared with Jobs, although he seemed to apply it to everything, with — almost — funny consequences. Ive recalls traveling with Jobs. “We’d get to the hotel where we were going, we’d check in and I’d go up to my room. I’d leave my bags by the door. I wouldn’t unpack. I’d go and sit on the bed and wait for the inevitable call from Steve: ‘Hey Jony, this hotel sucks. let’s go.’”

Grammy Awards

Sorting out my thoughts before writing a responsive essay on the Grammy Awards. The most important and exciting performances from last night in my opinion. Though I still give credit to Ryan Lewis + Macklemore for what they do without the need of a major label.

Kendrick + Imagine Dragons - Kendrick literally just proved he should’ve won Best Album. Or any of the 7 categories he was nominated in. 

Keith Urban + Gary Clark Jr - Gary playing his guitar and killing it on national television. Even Keith could barely handle it. 

Sir Paul + Ringo - British Invasion still alive and well.

Billie Joe + Miranda Lambert - Simple tribute to one of the Brothers that made Pop music what it is today. There would’ve been no Simon + Garfunkel, no John + Simon, etc. without them. 

Daft Punk, Pharrell, Stevie, Nile - The past, present, and future in good hands.

Carole King + Sara Bareilles - A trailblazing female singer/songwriter of the male music industry along with one of today’s. 

God bless the man

who always told me it’s not just a shame, but a sin to sit inside the house on beautiful, sunny days.* 

Well the sun is blazing on outside, and though I’m unsure if this weather counts as beautiful- I still count it a shame to sit inside- even when it’s a whopping 99 degrees.

So back outside I’ll go.

 *The only exceptions were when it was so unbearably hot we’d have to go to the mall or movie theater to cool off. Or was it simply because he wanted some buttered popcorn? 

Dear goodness